Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baked Cottage Cheese Pudding -- Take 2

This is an update on the Russian dish, "Baked Cottage Cheese Pudding", originally posted on 1 June 2014.  

I tried this recipe again, doubling it because the size of the cottage cheese carton makes that convenient.  I used only finely grated orange zest and some extra sugar as the flavoring.  The entire batch went into the pie pan.

It took longer to cook, as I expected: about 45 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit in a ceramic pan.  I liked that the top browned and did not get rubbery at all, that the filling was thicker and therefore more tender, the flavor was great, and the overall look was more substantial.

The only problem was that the mixture was very watery after baking.  I am not certain but I think the different brand of cottage cheese was wetter than in the first attempt.  So my solution would be to either add more semolina to absorb the water or drain the cheese before adding it to the mix.

This is really a tasty dish!  I had it for breakfast with some grapes and poached eggs.  Excellent with sour cream and a bit of key lime marmalade.  Success, again!

Addendum:  I had the leftovers a few days later and I still think it tastes better cold.  

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