Sunday, April 9, 2017

Egg Preservation -- Month Three

At the end of March I pulled out two more eggs from my egg preservation experiment.  (See original post here.)

The "crust" had formed on the surface again.

But it broke up easily and I picked out one egg coated in Vaseline and another that was left plain.

The shell of the coated egg felt like a normal eggshell.  The plain shell felt very rough.

Vaseline on the left.
I had originally decided to put them into some sort of baked good but I had several guest tasters and they wanted to try the eggs just as eggs, so I cracked them into a bowl. I really wanted to see what they were like before committing them to the fry pan.

I noticed that the whites were very runny for both eggs.

Vaseline egg

Plain egg on the right.
I also noticed that the shells felt like they cracked easily; in fact, more easily than I expected and the shells felt "thin."

They looked good and smelled good so I went ahead and fried them.  I tipped the eggs from the bowl into the pan and, in both cases, the yolk broke.  I was being careful so it felt like even the yolks were fragile.

I cooked them to "over medium" and served them up with no seasonings or sauce.

The Verdict

To be honest, I could taste the cal.  However everyone else thought they tasted just like regular eggs, including the one guest who is a "super taster".  So maybe my imagination is working hard, but I swear I could taste a mineral addition with every bite.

I would not want to eat them without salt and/or ketchup but the others were quite happy with them as they were.  We declared it a success and expressed amazement that the eggs have been sitting, unrefrigerated, for three months with the only downside of really runny whites.

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